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We teach you how to go beyond recipes, and think improvisationally, to "riff" new variations of flavors, food combinations and textures. Up your game at home!

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Why Read The Jazz Chef?

The Creativity of the Pros with the Reality of Cooking at Home

You go out to eat, and you marvel at some of the tastes and textures that you find at this cool restaurant. You love the presentation. You want to do this at home!  You buy the book, and pore over the advice, the recipes. You crash through a day of cooking, and it doesn't come out thes same way.


The world of a commercial chef is very different than ours. They cook for speed and volume. Their work is meant to be reproduced dozens or hundreds of times a night. They have the luxury of oversized refrigerators, and great professional grade equipment, from stoves and mixers to refrigerators to exotics like cold smoking boxes. 

The Jazz Chef is written by home chefs for home chefs.

Food at home should be as much of an adventure as what you find when you eat out!  It should be healthier, with fewer prepared foods loaded up with junk that doesn't have any taste but makes you fat, but makes your wallet a bit fatter with the savings of making things you've never tried before by yourself.

We learn how to cook from our parents. Their traditions. While we can honor them, we can embrace all of the other foods, herbs, spices, meats, fruits and vegetables, and "riff," improvise with them to create wonderful new dishes that are uniquely our own.

You could cook a new dish, including variations of traditional recipes, every day of your life, and still not scratch all of the foods that you could make. 

Things that you think you can only buy from the store is amazingly easy (and far cheaper). We teach you many of the same skillsets, the understanding of flavors, textures, the chemistry and science behind better cooking, techniques and tactics that professional chefs learn. You'll learn how to get your pantry positioned to maximize what you can make for your family's enjoyment and good nutrition, and "repurpose" foods to get new foods out of leftovers won't ever seem like leftovers again.

Leave the boxed goods full of multi-syllabic preservatives behind and rediscover the joy of food with authenticity.

Come with us on a foodie journey. The wonders of what will emerge from your kitchen to the delight of family and friends awaits!


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