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Cook a different meal every day and you will not scratch the surface of food's possibilities. Celeb chefs are fun to watch. They don't cook in our world, at our scale. They leave stuff out. Brian Ross, The Jazz Chef, has been improvising amazing meals for his large family, friends, and social events for more than 30 years. He travels the world to bring you the new spices, foodstuffs, tools and techniques, along with the basic science of foods, to unleash your creativity, improve your family's health, and give your "audience" at home happy memories of amazing meals with bits from around the globe! Expand your traditions! Join today!

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This isn’t a “cookbook” or a “food blog.” It’s your resource to bring out the “A Game” in your home kitchen.
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Transform the way you understand food



Peoples who escape starvation, droughts, famines make high cal food, then lots of it. “Eat! Eat!” grandmas and moms cry. End ‘abbondanza.’  Less is more. Less heat. Less fats. More flavor. Enjoy all of the things that you like… Just less of each.

Eating is taking in energy. Living is burning some level of energy. Calories in. Calories out. Binging then dieting is good for the food industry, and the dieting industry, but it’s not so good for your health. Other than a handful of artificial fats and illusional “zero carb” sweeteners, (natural or chemical), there isn’t much that you can’t eat and enjoy.  Great diet, NOT dieting!


De-brand your pantry! We buy a lot of pre-made, pre-mixed foods, and pay more for them. They add a lot of multi-syllable stuff into our food that’s not good. Restructure your pantry, refrigerator and your aromata with the basic building blocks to make virtually anything!


There are amazing ways to cook beyond the oven and the pan. We’re going to break out of that, and introduce you to new cooking techniques, kitchen gear, new foods, spices and flavors from all over the world.

We’re going to dive into the science, the molecular gastronomy of foods. What does salt really do to meat? Why does something smell the way it does?


As a fellow cookbook junkie, I’ve realized that there are acres of recipes in these wonderful books that I may never get to cook, and, even if I did each dutifully as the recipe lays it out, it is only one way to approach the food(s) being made. I will teach you the basic “notes” of the music of cooking, so when you look at our recipes, or any other, you can apply your imagination, your skills, and your own unique culinary “voice” to create dishes that are as unique as your thumbprint, while honoring and expanding upon some of the great world traditions, as the professional chefs do!

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Let the adventures in your kitchen begin.

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