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Cook a different meal every day and you will not scratch the surface of food's possibilities. Celeb chefs are fun to watch. They don't cook in our world, at our scale. They leave stuff out. Brian Ross, The Jazz Chef, has been improvising amazing meals for a large family, friends, and social events for more than 30 years. He travels and reaches out to home chefs all over the world to bring you the spices, foodstuffs, tools and techniques, along with the basic science of foods, to unleash your creativity, improve your family's health, and give your "audience" at home happy memories of amazing meals with bits from around the globe! Expand your traditions! Join today!

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This isn’t a “cookbook” or a “food blog.” It’s your passionate quest to bring out the “A Game” in your home kitchen.
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Transform the way you understand food



Peoples who escape starvation, droughts, famines make high cal food, then lots of it. “Eat! Eat!” grandmas and moms cry. End ‘abbondanza.’  Less is more. Less heat. Less fats. More flavor. Enjoy all of the things that you like… Just less of each.


We buy a lot of pre-made, pre-mixed foods. You pay a lot more for them, and they add a lot of things into most of them that aren’t good for you, to keep them on the shelf longer. My ‘back-to-basics’ approach to restructuring your pantry, refrigerator and your aromata, give you the “notes” to improvise amazing foods, eat better, and spend less on brand labels.

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