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Mustapha's Mediterranean

Mustapha's Mediterranean produces top grade condiments from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, sourcing with local farmers and made in the finest traditions of the region.

I ran across Mustapha's Mediterranean at a Cost Plus a few years ago after reading something about Mustapha in a magazine. He grew up in Morocco and sources the markets of Tangier. His condiments use healthy foodstuffs common to the region where they are made.

Mustapha sources from small farmers in the region, which not only is economically admirable, but yields a superior product, which warrants, in my view, the premium for his products above others that I've tried.  His products are made with only traditional preservatives, so they don't last incredibly long after opening. Plan on enjoying, or freezing a bit in separate container.

Mustapha's Mediterranean earns a Jazz Chef Silver Purveyor for its quality and the fine traditions that he exports along with his condiments.  Their preserved Beldi lemons give you access to a kind of lemon that is more rockin' than Meyer, in my estimation, but it is his Harissa which will open up your eyes to a whole new condiment that you can enjoy with all kinds of riffs in your cooking!

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