About The JazzChef’s ChoiceStuff™, Purveyors & Recommended Vendors Medallions/Rankings

Great food starts with great stuff: Spices, meats, vegetables, oils, equipment and more. The Jazz Chef not only shows you how to cook, eat and drink better, how to “think food” right, but how to source out the foodstuffs and gear that bring you to your A game in the kitchen.  What are they? Where do you get them?  Let me and my band of amazing home chefs and bakers guide you!


The Jazz Chef’s Choicestuff™ Medallion


For products I think that you’ll love, look for my The Jazz Chef Choicestuff™ designation, with a diamond rating of 5 to 1, five being best. They’re foodstuffs, tools or equipment that we’ve tested in my improvisational home kitchens that will make food that will rock your own kitchen!

Straight out, no editorial selection that I make of eats or gear is ever made because the company either advertises with The Jazz Chef, or gives us any other form of promotional incentives to influence our opinion.  Our awards are handed out annually, but if there is a change in quality of the product, the price or the ease in getting it, we may, at any time, revoke our recommends.  We want you to be assured that our advice is based on our passion and not our pocket book.

See the Choicestuff area for our top picks.


The Jazz Chef’s Vendor Medallion

There are some excellent vendors that gather up cool stuff, reselling foodstuffs and gear that offer both convenience and/or great prices.  They can transform the way that you cook because they make excellence affordable and less hassle.

These establishments earn our The Jazz Chef Recommended Vendor medallion.

We do not accept solicitations for vendor status. Our advertisers are not immediately accorded a vendor medallion.  These are chosen from our own experiences ordering a much larger volume of stuff, tracking the shipping reliability, quality of the goods delivered,  and the customer service experiences of the places with which we do business daily.

Via affiliate programs some vendors will pay us small referral fees for business sent their way. Others will choose to advertise with us to showcase their wares. I DO NOT use that financial incentive editorially on any recommended vendor.  In fact, the fastest way for a vendor to find themselves on the outs with this publication would be to solicit a medallion, or think that any sponsorship demands a medallion. We rate vendors as Gold, Silver or Bronze.

I want you to be assured that my advice, and that of my elite band of master home chefs and bakers, is based on our passion and not our pocket book.

Recommended vendors will receive links throughout our articles and recipes.


The Jazz Chef’s Official Purveyor™ Medallion



There are a few companies that sell foodstuffs or lines of kitchen equipment, companies that manage to produce greatness, uniqueness, peak flavors, unusual tastes, and just excellence in the everyday. For these few, rare sherpas of supremacy, we reserve a special designation: The Jazz Chef Official Purveyor.  Purveyors receive links throughout our articles and recipes, and the designated OP logo where appropriate. We rate purveyors as Gold, Silver or Bronze.



No vendor, purveyor or Choicestuff™ product is selected because the company solicited a foodstuff or a piece of equipment us for evaluation. Most products that I recommend we have paid for and evaluated in our test kitchens without any compensation or influence from a company.

We do, from time to time, receive both food and equipment to evaluate, but such evaluations receive the exact same handling as the products that we buy to try. In fact, nothing irritates me more than useless gizmos or second-rate foodstuffs, so if companies want to send me things to evaluate, they had best be prepared for reviews that may not always glow.

Aside from this epub, I was the managing editor for MLN Sports, where we told the truth with such alarming frequency that the myth makers of baseball did not appreciate our candor, and I run the ezine truth-2-Power.com, so I put a huge premium personally on the integrity of what I recommend on the line, even when that hits the wallet from time to time.



Want to recommend a great company or a product for us to try in our kitchens?  Contact us!