Mom & Grandma 2.0

We learn how to cook from our parents, and our grandparents, a spouse, a friend, or reading a recipe book of a chef. Some things that we learn are amazing. They’re part of our cultural inheritance, passing decades of kitchen wisdom along. We do all of it though, because they said so, and it works. We never stop to figure out why.

The more we apply science to cooking, the more we understand how foods “work.” Why there is a perfect temperature for an egg to rise?  Why does salt “cure” meats? How can we max out flavor and improve our family health by overloading on tastes, not calories?

We need to move from a generational, cultural connection with our cooking, to a culinary common sense, blending the best traditions with modern tools like ceramic pans, sous vides, digital thermostats, and techniques grounded in the science of cooking food.  Replace superstition with knowledge, and our culinary intuition rises.

The things that we cook by rote, by habit, are the written remnants of that intuition, lost in busy lives and a disconnect with some of the traditions in food that kept cuisine going long before the branded and boxed were put in overlit caves called supermarkets.

Reboot Momilies, confirm what works in what we learned, and toss out what is superstitious junk about food preparation, and new vistas in your culinary practice will transform your cooking for family and friends to a whole new level. We become real home chefs that surpass the best that can be done in top restaurant kitchens.

Be mom 2.0.