Apple Cider Vinegar Powder


With lower pH and big aroma, it will be the apple vinegar powder of your eye…

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Apple cider vinegar powder is the folksy side of dry vinegar, made from apple cider must, has a pale to medium amber color.

The powdered, dry, version uses IP maltodextrin, an unsweet, neutral-flavored starch chain, as a “flavor truck,” that captures sweet, aromatic flavors of the apple vinegar.

What is vinegar? It’s the result of bacteria that convert ethanol, drinkable alcohol, like wine, or a beer, into acetic acid. That’s the $5 name for vinegar. More on how it got its name later.

The powder is hugely useful in coating foods, producing dry mixes where the liquid would not work as well, and in more carefully controlling the amount of acetic acid added to liquid foods, and beverages. It also occupies a lot less space, and weight, than its liquid parent.


Apple cider vinegar is a tart and sour vinegar with lingering sweet, aromatic apple notes. With a low ph, this powder has a tangy taste and can be used like a seasoning ingredient. Vinegar also has chemicals known as polyphenols. They’re antioxidants that can curb cell damage that can lead to other diseases.


The word ‘cider’ is rooted in the Phoenician ‘shekar’ meaning wine or strong drink. So from the Babylonians to the Aryans to the Phoenicians, the soured apple wine recipe was passed to the Greeks and Romans and people started developing apple cider vinegar as a by-product to their spoiled apple wines.

Acetic acid bacteria is found commonly over most parts of the world. Vinegars date back millennia, extensively used by ancient civilizations including Babylonia, Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and early European civilizations.


  • Sprinkled on salads;
  • Roasted chicken;
  • Sprinkled over salty or blue cheeses;
  • Dressings


  • I apply to my Bacon Apple pie crust for a bit of brite in your bite;
  • Finish cooked candied pork, or pork belly, or bacon strips with a sprinkle to contrast the fats and sweets;
  • Brings a little piquancy to my Stuffed Baked Apples stuffing;
  • Rounds out my Smoked Apple-Stuffed Chicken’s nice crispy skin.


The word “vinegar” originated from the Old French words vin alegar, which translates as “sour wine,” but it goes back much further than that, probably to the origins of man. The Babylonians were the first to write about it extensively.

Higher in vitamins C and B, lower in pH than other vinegars, the powder makes a nice aromatic accent where you want the sweet and sour, with a little wonderful apple aroma!

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