Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour (4-Pack) – Organic & Gluten Free


Rice flour is a fine soft flour that adds a more delicate texture to traditional flours, thickens puddings and sauces without heavy, starchy taste and is gluten-free. Bob’s Red Mill’s organic is stone-ground, high quality organic rice flour. Grab this four pack! You can go through a lot of it if you cook and bake at home.

4-Pack ($2.69/ea.)

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Product Description



Rice flour is a fine-ground flour made from rice. It softens any flour blend, so, if you’re trying to do a non-gluten multigrain flour mix, this is going to bring your soft. It’s also the flour of choice for mochi.


  • Gluten-Free Breads
  • Add lightness to pancakes and muffins
  • Great less starchy thickener for American puddings and sauces
  • Siopao – Filipino Steamed Dumplings
  • Steamed rice cakes
  • Mochi
  • Indian Dosa

It is different from its flour friends in that it doesn’t contain gluten, which gives traditional bread doughs their “elastic” quality. It’s great not only in traditional Asian and Latin American recipes that call for it, but it transforms things like American puddings, and gives a little added delicacy in traditional flour recipes like pancakes and muffins.


Bob’s Red Mill is the biggest producer of organic flour and grain products in the United States. Other than their infuriatingly non-self-closing bags, the product is the best from many I’ve tried, widely available, and generally at a pretty fair price,


There are a lot of rice flours out on the market, and several good organic flours. Bob’s Red Mill makes three. This is the best all-around, every-day flour you can grab, and the four-pack bundle for Amazon is actually a good amount of flour to buy because, if you follow my teaching, you’ll learn all kinds of good ways to use it in your weekly food preparations.  I give it my ChoiceStuff Four-Diamond for a top organic grind in a very crowded space.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond