Brodpisker – Danish Dough Whisk by Orblue

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This Danish dough whisk, called a brodpisker, easily glides through batters, and doughs, fully integrating, without overmixing. One of the few without a wood handle, in racecar red, it’s whisksexy!

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A brodpisker (“bread whipper”) is a very old, traditional Danish tool for mixing doughs for breads, pastries, and other dough-like batters by integrating them without over mixing them. 

It’s a flat set of three concentric circles, that minimize the contact with the dough, so it sticks less. Put a ballooon whisk into the same batter, and you’ll see the geometric contact with the dough, along with the huge clump stuck inside the whisk itself. It’s not pretty. 

Some sources suggest that the original purpose of the whisk was to blend minced meats for use in sausages, or in other recipes.

The origins of this device might be Danish. Might be Polish. What we do know is that it became more prevalent between the 1930’s, and the 1950’s. The flat surface is better than a balloon whisk, which has a chamber where dough traps, and even a spoon, which has more surface area. Its minimal surface area makes it optimal for passing through, and gently mixing heavy doughs, minced meats, and even things like stews that need thickening. 


I know that people swear by these things. For some breads, or batters, that require the hand-made touch, it’s great.  I find that some of the new beaters that go on the KitchenAid mixer have a similar kind of shape, and purpose.  

If you’re in a place where you don’t have the electricity to do what a blender, with a beater, can do, this cleaner, more sterile handle, and whisk are far superior to the more antique wood versions of it. I give it four stars for its functionality, in those situations, and for the cleaner, more streamlined design.

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