Chef’n FreshForce Lemon Juicer


There are a lot of juicers, but this one has the engineering behind it to drop enough pressure on a half of a variety of types of citrus to fully juice it with the power of a gargantuan footprint table-sized juicer.

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Product Description


Since lemons and diamonds seem to be trading at similar super premiums, you want to get the most juice that you can out of your juicer. The gear-tooth system in these hand juicers max squeeze and min seeds.


You get maximum juice out of every squeeze because the leveraged system at the pivot point of the handle increases the efficiency of the force that you apply to squeezing the stuffing out of citrus.


Ideally I’d like to see this juicer do all citrus. Instead, they make three different juicers, all expensive, and all large. That’s too much space consumption and/or clutter.

It says that it’s dishwasher safe. Yes and no. The material really wears under the harsh chemicals in the dishwasher, so mine went to hand wash after the first year.


The juicer is sized for lemons, but limes, tangerines, and even smaller oranges, like Valencias, can fit in it. The leverage it gives is only found in much larger mechanical juicers.

Chef’n FreshForce, however, seems to provide good bang for the buck, and is made with mechanical durability although plastic/silicone surfaces age with dishwasher use rapidly.

It could be better if they would make one that worked for most small to medium citrus. I need a juicer, not a collection.

There are a lot of juicers out there, and a few knock-offs of this type of juicer, because its price-point begets some cheaper imitation, but the price-point and the design is why so many kitchen stores like to carry it. . It grabs my Three Diamond Choicestuff™ nod for a very good product that could be better when it’s made for the consumer and not for the retailer’s benefit.



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