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In the struggle between good health and convenience, Chosen Foods has struck a balance in this avocado spray oil that has made this my convenience spray for everything from my perfect eggs to baking muffins. Avocado oil cooking is a must for your family’s good health, as you’ll see if you read up on avocado and know what they put in most canola oils.

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As many of you know, I’m generally not a fan of spray oils. Usually, between the propellants, and what they have to do to make the oil sprayable, the quality runs from the poor to the downright scary. I’m happy to say, though, that Chosen Foods has changed my mind about 85% with this Avocado Oil Spray.


Read about why, for all sauteéing, eggs, and high-temp applications, you should be using avocado oil, not olive, canola, or the mystery vegetable oil blends to find out more about what Avocado does for your cooking A-game.

The spray is nice in that there are no additives or propellants. Its high temp and no-key flavor allows you not only to sautée and grill, but you can also use it for baking.  It retains most of the beneficial nutrients found in virgin avocado oil. It has as much monounsaturated fat as olive oil so it is pretty good for you as well as less likely to hit its smoke point and go carcinogenic.


Like the new breed of pressurized spray bottles, the trade-off from a no-propellant, thinned oil is that the nozzle heads are a bit stiff, and it can discharge oil unevenly.  Once you get used to the nozzle, it gets a bit better, though.


  • Healthiest spray oil I’ve tested
  • Nutrition of olive oil without breaking down at temperature
  • High smoke point removes potentially aging or cancer-causing free radicals from your cooking
  • Propellant-free spray, higher grade of oil

This is pretty amazing stuff! I would happily give it top rating, but the nozzle head is stiff and the product still comes out unpredictably. I think further refinement of the nozzle and button will fix that, but, for now, it gets my JazzChef Choicestuff™ four-diamond award.


Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond


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