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If dill were an employee, it would be a manager’s dream: A leader, a role player, always on time, and works well with others.

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Dill is a wonderful weed! Its leaves are tiny, and its flavor is bold, but surprisingly delicate. Fresh, or dried, its taste is unique in the herb world. It lends itself to very simple expressions of flavor.

Dill is a Scandi salmon, a Helsinki herring, a Polish cucumber salad, or a scandalously good deli pickle!


A sensory grand-slam, dill’s taste and smell are the stars. Fresh it exudes the grassy notes of parsley, with flashes of lemon, and caraway, and a hint of anise. Dried, there is some muting of the parsley notes. Visually, both fresh, and dried can be used as a topping to add visual appeal. Fresh the leaves of one simple sprig make for a lovely, and tasty garnish.

Dill is a perfect all-purpose herb for seafood, casseroles, dips, pickles, vegetable dishes, and stews.


Native to the Mediterranean, and Southeastern Europe, today, the biggest producers of dill weed are Germany, South Africa, Turkey, United States, India, Spain, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, China, Mexico, Egypt, France, Italy, and Pakistan.


  • Dill pickles;
  • Pickled herring;
  • Dill sauce for Scandinavian seafood;
  • Tzatziki sauce;
  • Filet mignon with mushroom dill sauce.


  • Un-potato salad – scallions, dill, and creme fraîche;
  • Dill roti with tandoori salmon;
  • Spaghetti squash with dill, cotija cheese, and Irish brown butter;
  • Potted shrimp savory “rice pudding.”


In Poland, fresh dill leaves mixed with sour cream are the basis for dressings. It is especially popular to use this kind of sauce with freshly cut cucumbers, which are entirely immersed in the sauce, making a salad called “mizeria”.

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