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Ireland is amazing! Some of the most beautiful green lush land that you’ll find, and the Irish people are a gracious, joyous and proud lot.  When it comes to dairy, they have something indeed to crow about: Their farms produce amazing milk, from their grass-fed cows, which, in turn, produces some of the best dairy products in the world.

Kerrygold is the flagship of Irish dairy in the United States, where I’m based. They make a variety of excellent products, and one, Dubliner cheese, is a particular every-day fave.

Dubliner is a sort of nuttier, sweeter take on the classic sharp cheddar. It delivers true flavor and imbues anything, from a cracker to sandwiches or a nice beer cheddar soup, with a little Irish flare. It’s also just a great accompaniment to a pint of Murphy’s (My gold standard in Irish stouts) or Guinness or Harp, or whatever local craft brew moves you.

The other thing that we love about Dubliner is its respectable melt point. When thinly sliced, we can get a nice soft wonderfulness without too much heat that often makes the cheese a melt but dries out the bread on a sandwich or melt and scalds your mouth when you eat it.

Kerrygold’s Dubliner deserves our four diamond Choicestuff™ ranking.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond

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