Garlic (Granulated)


Versatile light garlic flavor with the perfect sandy texture.

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Garlic, one of the most ancient of herbs, adds instant pungent happy to lots of meats, fish, and vegetables. Granulated garlic intensifies, and distributes that flavor faster. It’s also ideal for applications like making rubs, or spice blends, because it is a big-flavored dry ingredient. The garlic is dried, and then ground. Granulated is a coarse grind. You can also use garlic powder, a very fine grind, for other recipe needs.


Hot and pungent, garlic is a unique flavor that is loved around the world for it’s bright flavor. Important to use in moderation, it’s a powerful savory herb that broadens the flavor of so many spices.


Garlic is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, but, thanks to human propagation over millennia, it can be found, both domesticated, and growing wild, over much of the world today.


  • A savory base to spice blends, and rubs;
  • Garlic bread uses granulated, most often, along with butter, and parmesan cheese;
  • Common flavor accelerant in marinara sauce;
  • A key ingredient in Taiwanese fried chicken.


  • The Jazz Chef‘s panko-pistachio-crusted pork tenderloin;
  • Add to rock salt finely minced sage, and granulated onion for a fun “dip” sprinkled on a plate for bbq steaks;
  • Spray a little liquified ghee over waffles, and top with granulated garlic, chopped parsley and finely grated parmigiano reggiano. Toss in the broiler to melt the cheese for a waffled garlic bread side for dinner, or a lunch sandwich made with garlic bread waffles;
  • Add a little to caccio e pepe, the salt and pepper pasta, for a bit of added savory.


Spicejungle’s granulated garlic doesn’t have a huge amount of anti-caking agent in it. While leaving a silica gel desiccant pack in the storage container helps keep moisture down, If you live in a humid climate, it can cake up, and harden. Simply grab a chunk, and use any fine cheese grater, to grate the chunk over the food. It will return to its granulated form with grating.


Garlic has been used for millennia as a seasoning, a currency, a medicine, a religious herb, and a plant only fit for hogs.

The ancient Egyptians handed out garlic to slaves as a sort of “pay.” The only known slave revolts were over shortages of garlic caused by regional flooding.

In ancient Greece, and then Rome, garlic had uses culinarily, medicinally, and in religious ceremony. Garlic has been used to protect households from evil spirits, and even ward off the odd vampire or two.


• Afrikaans      knoffel
• Albanian       hudhër
• Arabic           ثوم (thawm)
• Armenian    սխտոր
• Azerbaijani  sarımsaq
• Basque         baratxuri
• Belarusian   часнык
• Bengali         রসুন
• Bosnian        bijeli luk
• Bulgarian     чесън
• Catalan         all
• Cebuano      ahos
• Chichewa     adyo
• Chinese-S    大蒜  (dàsuàn)
• Chinese T    大蒜  (dàsuàn)
• Croatian      češnjak
• Czech           česnek
• Danish         hvidløg
• Dutch           knoflook
• Esperanto   ajlo
• Estonian      küüslauk
• Filipino        bawang
• Finnish        valkosipuli
• French         Ail
• Galician       allo
• Georgian     ნიორი
• German      Knoblauch
• Greek          σκόρδο  (skórdo)
• Gujarati       લસણ
• Haitian        lay
• Hausa          tafarnuwa
• Hebrew       שׁוּם
• Hindi            लहसुन
• Hmong        qij
• Hungarian  fokhagyma
• Icelandic     Hvítlaukur
• Igbo             galiki
• Indonesian Bawang putih
• Irish             gairleog
• Italian         aglio
• Japanese    ニンニク
• Javanese    papak
• Kannada    ಬೆಳ್ಳುಳ್ಳಿ
• Kazakh       сарымсақ
• Khmer        ខ្ទឹម
• Korean       마늘 (maneul)
• Lao              ກະທຽມ
• Latin           allium
• Latvian       ķiploki
• Lithuanian česnakas
• Macedonian лук
• Malagasy   tongolo gasy
• Malay         bawang putih
• Malayalam വെളുത്തുള്ളി
• Maltese      tewm
• Maori         karika
• Marathi     लसूण
• Mongolian сармис
• Myanmar (Burmese) ကြက်သွန်ဖြူ
• Nepali       लसुन
• Norwegian hvitløk
• Persian      سیر
• Polish         czosnek
• Portuguese alho
• Romanian usturoi
• Russian     чеснок (chesnok)
• Serbian      Бели лук (Beli luk)
• Sesotho     konofole
• Sinhala      සුදුළුනු
• Slovak       cesnak
• Slovenian česen
• Somali      toon
• Spanish    ajo
• Swahili     vitunguu
• Swedish   vitlök
• Tajik         сир
• Tamil        பூண்டு
• Telugu     వెల్లుల్లి
• Thai         กระเทียม
• Turkish   sarımsak
• Ukrainian часник (chasnyk)
• Urdu       لہسن
• Uzbek     sarimsoq piyoz
• Vietnamese tỏi
• Welsh     garlleg
• Yiddish   קנאָבל
* Yoruba   ata
* Zulu        ugaliki

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