India Tree Caster Sugar

A super fine sucrose, its grain consistency is a much smaller than American white refined sugars. It integrates incredibly well quickly and evenly, and makes ice creams, meringues, macarons and tarts pop!

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Caster sugar is a staple of cooking around the world, save North America, where it’s just starting to make a beachhead. Another form of refined sucrose, the consistency is a much finer sugar than American white refined, making it integrate incredibly well quickly and evenly. It is called caster sugar because it is ground to a grain size fine enough to shake it out of a caster.  A number of pre-mixed drink “powders” that use sugar will use caster mixed in with their color and flavor ingredients. I can’t make my coconut milk ice cream without it!


  • Ice creams;
  • Dessert pastries;
  • Icing;
  • Mixed Drinks;
  • Meringues;


  • Roll a skin-on, roasted baby sweet potato in caster and hot Spanish paprika as a tasty tapas side;
  • Sub for powdered sugar;
  • Sprinkle a bit on to ham on a charcuterie board to up the flavor of a too-salty slice;
  • Sprinkle over a heavy, dry whipped cream for flavor.


There are places on the web that tell you to use a food processor, or add a little powdered sugar. It is very hard to get the grind uniform, exactly as you’ll find it here in this well-made product from India Tree. I have tried and tried the “do it yourself” model, and it’s never quite as satisfying because of the erratic textures it can create.

If you need a small quantity and have a spice mill or coffee grinder that works at very high speed you might be apple to approximate it more closely, but this is a sugar you can use in anything that needs fast dissolve or more even dissolves, like ice cream.


  • Superfine sugar


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