Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (Salted)


Kerrygold Irish butter is perhaps one of the sweetest, purest grass-fed cow butters in the world today. The flavor, compared to all cheap commercial, and even specialty organic and “European” butters can seldom be rivaled.

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Product Description

You’d think that butter is butter. It’s not. There is better butter. Kerrygold has been my gold standard for years. You can read up on my takes for the better butters, but, you can parboil all those words down to one:


Grass-fed butter is, hands-down, the best butter. It’s also the best milk, available in a lot of places in Europe, still, but much harder to come by in the United States, unless you live near dairy farmers with some principles.

Even in the grass game, though, there is one additional word that distinguishes Kerrygold from the others.


The grasses of Ireland are blessed with the tail end of the Gulf Stream. It brings a wet, windy wonder that the soil and seed turn into some of the richest grasslands in the world. I’ve really not had any better, including in Switzerland, where you’d think, with their rich, verdant grassy pastures, they’d produce some amazing butter.

There is a definite taste improvement in anything made with Kerrygold butter. Yes, it costs a bit more, but, if you’re avoiding buying boxed foods and expensive microwave meals where the box costs more than this butter, you’ll be able to afford it quite easily.


Butter at its purest, best is unsalted. Still, there are a lot of applications of butter where having the salt already balanced in work much better. Sandwiches, toast, and several savory dishes like a nice schnitzel all do better with just the salt from the butter, because Kerrygold keeps the sodium well balanced to the flavor of its butter. Cheap butter is often very salty because it masks its low quality, but this better butter has just the right balance.


Kerrygold is cut into blocks a bit differently, but it’s essentially two American sticks to a package.

Even in a market full of butter, and premium butter, this one is so good that it gets my Choicestuff™ 4-Diamond award, thanks to competition from domestic producers like Vitality Farms, keep them honest. Still one of the top dogs on the hill, but now, with a touch more competition. Find out where it’s being sold at a market near you by clicking on the link.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond



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