King Arthur All-Purpose Unbleached Flour


2 lb. bags, 12 count

Bravely dominating shelf space in a heavily corporate food category, King Arthur’s employee-owned company crusade, in flour, is to bring you superior results with a slightly branier flour. It produces superior results, without the over-processing that kills nutrition in Gold Medal, and other big corporate brands.

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Product Description


Foundational ingredients should be of the best quality, at a reasonable price. King Arthur is royalty, amongst American flour manufacturers, for its high standards.


King Arthur is employee-owned. Founded by Henry Wood, in 1790, it became Sands, Taylor & Wood Company about a century later. In 1895, one of the principal owners, George Wood (no relation), had attended a performance of the musical King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The following year, they introduced the “King Arthur” brand at the Boston Food Fair in 1896.

The flour has been a hit ever since.

Better Flour

Produced from select American farms, the wheat used to mill it is GMO free. Unbleached, and unbromated,   it has an 11.7% protein content.

The milling is a touch more grainy than the over-processed mush that is Gold Medal, but it produces far superior results in terms of baking because it has just a trace more fiber, which, along with the gluten, which, in spite of the latest health fad, is not evil, unless you have celiac disease, form the building blocks of great breads and pastries.


Anyone that can beat back, for shelf space, big conglomerates like General Mills, or ConAgra , both increasingly automated, with an employee-run company, deserves consumer support!


If you bake regularly, this is a sweet deal. If you don’t, King Arthur is available at most major supermarket chains.


I’ve been using this flour for years. I prefer hard-wheat brands for pizza, like Antimo Caputo “00” flour, but, for muffins, soft bread doughs, and much more, this is my every day, go-to flour. It earns five big diamonds.




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