Pomì Strained Tomatoes


If there’s a gold standard in the red standards, POMÌ Organic is the Michael Phelps of Strained Tomatoes.

4-pack; 750 g. / 26.46 oz. ea. ($8.12 Shipping)

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Product Description


What, exactly is a “strained” tomato?  It’s your go-to sauce base. Located in the red sauce spectrum as somewhat thicker than tomato sauce, and much thinner than tomato paste,  strained tomatoes are the best marinara and pizza sauce beginnings.


  • Marinara sauce
  • Pizza sauce
  • Soups & stews
  • Sauces & Salsas


  • The Jazz Chef’s Ragoût Thiam – Senegalese inspired meatball stew
  • My Smoked Tomato Pancakes – A savory underpinning to a tagine lamb or chicken
  • A pineapple-tomato-pistachio and herb ice sorbetto makes a nice side


Tomatoes are like toddlers: Very impressionable. Tomato picks up flavors like a sponge. Which one of the reasons why Pomì products are il migliore, the best, because they’re super fresh, and with their BPA-free paperboard containers, they don’t have any of the “tinning” that canned tomatoes can often take on.  There is nothing to mask, just to bask in the glory of tomato richness.

Organic strained now answers the one chief lament that I had: Pomì quality was equivalent to organic, without the certification. Both the USDA and BIOS (Italian organic) certifications mean these are some of the best production tomatoes that money can buy.


  • USDA organic;
  • BIOS srl certified organic (Italia);
  • Non-GMO;
  • Fresh tomatoes, fully sun-ripened, are processed within a few hours of the harvest;
  • Made in Italy.


As we are about value, there are cheaper places to get POMÌ organic. Whole Foods and many other markets carry them. If you can get them there, buona fortuna!

If you can’t, then our friends at Amazon rep a few companies that sell the large cartons that can be refrigerated and stored, or poured off to storage containers, for a bit more.


As I point out in my recent 101 on fresh tomatoes, where you grow ’em, and how you pick ’em, matters in ‘maters.

POMÌ’s 370 farmers grow some of the most cosa vera (real deal) tomatoes on the planet.  Tomato products  on the shelfare as crowded a field as the street at the start of the Boston Marathon.

POMÌ stands out because it provides the top grade in pretty much every category into which they sell.  It gets my JazzChef Choicestuff™ Five Diamond nod for being il massimo!



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