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If they’re available in your area, these are the Rolls Royce of nationally produced eggs. They’re not cheap, but if you have recipe that is egg dependent, like a quiche, crepe, or Spanish tortilla, these will up you to A++ game.

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In the egg wars, the battlefield has moved from cage free to pasture raised. Eggs from hens that roam freely across a field, scratching and grazing, where the fields are rotated, in the three-field system, to let the land benefit from the symbiotic relationship with the hens.

There are a growing number of pasture-raised egg products nationally. The Happy Egg Co. scores at the top of our taste-test chart with these Heritage Breed eggs.


They’re blue. They’re brown. The shells are tough. Inside, though, are the most amazing, rich, wonderful, healthy eggs, available from a commercial producer, that we’ve found, to date.

Heritage means heritage breed chickens. In this case, we’re talking Copper Maran™ and Speckled Leggar™ eggs.


Learn more about why pasture-raised eggs are superior to other egg types in our “Egging You On: Sourcing Great Eggs

Pasture-raised eggs are superior to “caged” and “free-range” in every way. They are lower in cholesterol, higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, and tons higher in beta carotene.  You splurge on grass-fed beef? Kombucha? Why be a penny-pincher on one of the best foodstuffs we consume so regularly?


In Europe, you’d say: What’s the big deal? Most eggs look like this. In the US, where mass-market eggs are putridly pale, these eggs, from heritage breeds’ hens, are so good that I can’t help but gush. Look what they do for a recipe, like my Swedish pancakes:


I have used pasture-raised eggs for years. Like you, I took a look at that Rolls-Royce price-point and asked: Is it really worth it?

It’s really worth it.

The results, in my batters, quiches, and crepes, has been amazing. I DO buy either their regular pasture-raised, or other more conventional pasture-raised eggs, for my baking, and other places where the taste/look matter less, because I go through far too many eggs to use these pricey beauties for everyday projects.

When my eggs need A-game? These are A++

I happily give The Happy Egg Co. five very enthusiastic diamonds in my ChoiceStuff™ awards.




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