Worcestershire Sauce Powder


Worcestershire, without the water, makes for a bolder seasoning in dishes where dry keeps the consistency  less liquidy, or adheres the seasoning on to the food better.

1 oz./ 28 g.

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Why dry? Whether you are creating a spice rub, or adding to a fry powder, or you want Worcestershire’s big flavor more intensely, without having to cook off a lot of liquid, the dry powder is a must!


It is a multitude of palate experiences all in one: it’s flavored with tamarind, cloves, malt vinegar, onion, molasses, and other ingredients. The original recipe is still kept a top secret in the factory, with the exact ingredients and ratios unchanged.


Iconically British, Worcestershire’s roots are Indian, which probably trace back to fish sauces popularized in other parts of Asia.


  • In dry rubs;
  • A more intense application for a stronger Shepherd’s Pie;
  • Seasoning in a Cornish Pasty;
  • Beefs up a British beef stew.


  • Shepherd’s Bao – A Shepherd’s pie mix with thick sauce in a foldable steamed potato bun;
  • Tofu N’ Toast – Season the tofu with dry Worcestershire, atop a bed of mushy peas, on a toast buttered with ghee;
  • Dijon/Worcester rub-roasted new potatoes;
  • Tangy Tomato/Crazee Caprese – Add some pop to tomatoes on sandies and replace balsamic with a sprinkle of Worcestershire powder for pronounced pop;
  • British BBQ Beef – A slow-smoked brisket with a dry Worcestershire-themed rub.


Worcestershire sauce was made in Worcester England, by a pair of pharmacists, John Wheeley Lea, and William Perrins. The  sauce was actually their botched attempt to recreate a variation of an Indian fermented fish sauce, garum, as a digestive aid for sale in their pharmacy.

The original experiment was so completely inedible, though, that the remaining barrels were left on the shelf, and forgotten about. After time, however, the sauce fermented, and mellowed, in the barrel into what became Worcestershire’s delicious, bold flavor.

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