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Raki is the unofficial national drink of Turkey. Yeni is the biggest brand. If you love anisette drinks, Raki racks up points with fans of Akvavit, and Ouzo!

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Raki is a Turkish liqueur, an anisette, the unoffical spirit of the nation. Yeni’s raki is produced by twice distilling twenty different kinds of grape pomace, and/or raisins, most originating from Western Anatolia.

Raki is usually infused with two things:

  • A bit of suma, also known as “Brazilian ginseng,” although it has no relationship to last decade’s fad-health root
  • Its dominant taste, though, is anise seed, which gives it a “liquorice” flavor.

The choice of suma in a spirit follows the root’s traditional medicinal roots: It was used to help relieve stress, and improve the immune system. It was also believed to be an aphrodisiac, and a male potency enhancer.

Anise is a flavor, in alcohol, relished by peoples from the top of the world to the Mediterranean.

Yeni is the top producer of raki in Turkey. A family-owned business, it has produced the liqueur for more than 70 years.


Raki is most often mixed with water; causing it to turn a bit milky-white in color. It is traditionally served with Meze, Turkish tapas.


Raki is useful in any cocktail recipe calling for an anisette.

  • Pineapple-raki sour;
  • Turkish Cosmopolitan;
  • Ottoman’s Bazaar;
  • Lion’s Milk.


  • Chet’s Char – Gravlax infused with fennel, white pepper, Yeni Raki, and tangerine zest;
  • GingerTurks – A dark gingerbread cookie infused with Raki;
  • 1/4 part raki to 1 part rum added to Eggnogs;
  • Marinate fennel bulb slices in a mix of raki, sugar, and vinegar as a digestive pickle side.


Yeni’s Raki is probably the most globally distributed, and hence the easiest to find, if you don’t live in range of Turkey, or a liquor store run by Turks. We find that it compares favorably to any other global anisette liqueur that you might have tried.

It’s a bit thinner than Akvavit, but more fragrant, and draws heavily on its grape base to soften the anise. Unlike its Scandavian cousin, or revenge, both best served cold, it’s a drink that is usually enjoyed at room temperature.

It’s also great to cook with! Where you need that anise taste, it’s your go-to in the kitchen.

It’s not as magic as Külüp Rakı, which is more costly. It compares favorably against Yeşil Efe Raki, or Tekirdağ Rakısı. It draws our Choicestuff Four-Diamond rating.


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