Improvisation is the heart of Jazz, the ability to understand all of the fundamental rules of music, and then break them creatively to make something amazing and new.

That kind of improvisation is what I want you to do in the kitchen every day: Let your drawer of spices, your pantry full of basic ingredients, the farmer’s market near you, or a great local butcher, bakery or amazing online purveyors that I recommend () be the source of your inspiration to create great meals for you, your family, special guests, dinner parties or events that you host!


Tradition. Shared food is a key part of our cultural identity. What we learn from our parents and grandparents, we really ARE what we eat.   You could cook a different meal every day of your life, and still not exhaust all of the world’s recipes, if all that you want to do is rearview mirror a bunch of meals.

I want to help you expand your culinary horizons.  Learn the spices, techniques, and tools of other tribes, and then, take your game to the Masters level and be able to improvise new foods, and variations on the traditions that you hold dear, using ingredients, tactics, and equipment that will put your unique “riff” on recipes!


Less is more is my culinary mantra.  Why binge on bad boxed foods and then suffer through frozen diet dinners?  You can cook brilliantly and keep your weight in check eating pretty much anything.

  • Less heat. Even pro chefs use too much. Low and slow? Always the way to go.
  • Less fats. “Fat Free” or “Sugar Free” make you fatter.  Manage the types, and volume of fats better.
  • Better sugars. Sugar comes in many forms. How much, and what kind, makes a big difference!
  • Petite the portions. I lost 30 lbs, but I still eat all of the same stuff. Understand calories and intake!
  • Torque Up Taste. Master spices, salts, textures, and tools. Less bad stuff. More great taste!



Authenticity is taking your food back to basics. Let me help you reshape your pantry, your refrigerator, and your sourcing of foods, spices, and oils so you have all of the “notes” to improvise jazz magic in your kitchen!  De-Brand your pantry, take the garbage used to store food on shelves forever, or make them a few pennies cheaper, and get back to fundamentals. Let “Made by Mom” or “Dad’s Own” be the brand of finished foods your family finds fab!



Pro chefs are a lot of fun. They can show us new ideas and directions, but, just as often, I’ve seen better and more inspirational meals made by some of the world’s top home chefs.  Cooked more than a few such meals myself…

Pro chefs don’t have our kitchens. We have less powerful stoves, smaller refrigerators, and puny pantries. They source, buy food, in an entirely different way.  Often, when they downscale a recipe for home use, they leave out key ingredients, or think that it’s impossible to get good results, so they simplify it to a level that, if you’ve tasted it in their restaurants, you’d swear you cooked it wrong.  That’s okay by them, too. It keeps you coming back and buying more cookbooks to try to improve on things that you… shhh… can’t really fix. Their way, at least.

Leave gameshow cooking, combining eels, Butterfinger bars, and Brussels sprouts to the pros.  Let me, and my small band of passionate home chefs and pâtissers show you new ways to use our equipment, our resources, and our space at home.

We want you to lead in your kitchen, not follow. Create and innovate, not imitate. That’s the Jazz Chef way!


GOT Mageirocophobia?

So many people suffer from mageirocophobia, the fear or anxiety of cooking.  The frequent signs:

  • “How do I know when it’s cooked?”
  • “I left [insert food here] out at a party for four hours. Is it still good?”
  • “I followed the recipe, but it still came out wrong.”
  • “I smoked it, but the meat is still pink. Is it raw?”

I’ll school you on the 101 of food safety, food basics, like the perfect temperature of an egg, and recommend the tools and tactics that will bring certainty to the way that you cook.



I am the Lewis & Clark of food and travel. I have traveled America and the world, in search of creative chefs, pro and amateur, in countries around the globe who . I have also had the great joy of meeting many other “top chefs” of the homefront.



Meet the Team

Brian ROSS – Brian is a the Nowhere Man: Writer, filmmaker, managing editor, pioneering web publisher of the first sports e-Zine,, and, for thirty-eight years, on a thousand mile journey to culinary improvisational nirvana. Cooking for seven daily and then for hundreds of gatherings great and small, he has been a foodie Lewis & Clark, traveling the world learning the foods, the cooking and culinary cultural traditions of the peoples of Europe, Indonesia, Asia and Oceania.  His passion to make sure that his children experienced the amazing variety of foods in the world helped him move beyond the boxed, bagged and pre-made on a journey of authenticity, originalism, that he shares with home chefs of the world today to get you on the same path to making great food for your family, friends, and social gatherings!