Brian Ross, The Jazz Chef, has more than 30 years in home kitchens, cooking for friends and a family of seven, from out-the-door snacks to parties for fifty or more. was launched to provide a global platform for all of the world’s foods and spices to be placed in the hands of home chefs, taught by other great home chefs, food scientists, patissiers, sommeliers, and spirits experts.

The aim? To up your game, and set you loose on your own improvisational journey in cooking.


Improvisation is the heart of Jazz, the ability to understand all of the fundamental rules of music, and then break them creatively to make something amazing and new.

That kind of improvisation is what I want you to do in the kitchen every day: Let your drawer of spices, your pantry full of basic ingredients, the farmer’s market near you, or a great local greengrocer, butcher, bakery or amazing online purveyors that I recommend () be the source of your inspiration to create great meals for you, your family, special guests, dinner parties or events that you host!

GOT Mageirocophobia?

So many people suffer from mageirocophobia, the fear or anxiety of cooking.  The frequent signs:

  • “How do I know when it’s cooked?”
  • “I left [insert food here] out at a party for four hours. Is it still good?”
  • “I followed the recipe, but it still came out wrong.”
  • “I smoked it, but the meat is still pink. Is it raw?”

I’ll school you on the 101 of food safety, food basics, like the perfect temperature of an egg, and recommend the tools and tactics that will bring certainty and confidence to the way that you cook.



I am the Lewis & Clark of food and travel. I have traveled America and the world, in search of creative chefs, pro and amateur, in countries around the globe who can help us all transform how we cook.  If you’re up for sharing your home cuisine from your corner of the globe, contact us!