Less Boxed, More Basics

Like the Marvin Gaye song, ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.

Boxed & pre-packaged foods are a convenient, easy happy, but what are the tradeoffs?

Additives that make food cheaper and easier are higher in fats, sugars, and salts in larger portions, provide less taste and less nutrition, but more weight on you and your family.

You can read labels, and that really helps, but many foods are cheaper and easier to make yourself, or just taste so much better, and can be much better for you when you learn my mantra:

Less is more.

You know you’re getting out of the packaged food phase of your cooking when you start mixing this and that prepared food to create another.

Let us take you one step further on your culinary thousand-mile journey.

Ingredients are like musical notes. Let me show you how to make them sing!

Stock your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer with more basic staples and spices, and turn even a small kitchen into a source of limitless creation.

Let me and my team show you how!