Overcome Cooking Fears

We have elevated food beyond filling our bellies to a creative form of expression of ourselves, our culture, but what we don’t know about both the preparation and the proper storage of foods terrifies so many of us. We give up and run to the false safety of boxed and bagged foods.

Take pancakes. One of the easiest foods in the world to make. Flour(s), leavening, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, oil. Yet there are hundreds of mixes out there. Why spend 200% to 500% more for boxes with pretty pancake pictures and maybe, $2.00 tops worth of flour, and munch on a whole lot of additives including bad sugar/fats like HFCS in some of the cheaper ones.

I’ll teach you how to make something better, tastier, (healthier… shhh), and so much cheaper that you’ll be able to spring for the real maple syrup!

In the label “use by,” we seek out like a safety blanket, not reading the ingredients, which are full of things that you probably would not want to eat.

Every day on cooking groups at Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest there are thousands of “Is it safe to eat that?” questions.  So many people who are trained to do something well, including a lot of stay-at-home parents, yet we learn so little about food safety that we’re always a bit unsure of ourselves.

Make your own bacon, though, and it keeps longer, tastes better, and has far less of the “bad” stuff, using techniques that have been around for thousands of years that have been forgotten by supermarket foragers.  We’ll teach you how to reconnect with label-free homemade!

Most important, I’m going to reacquaint most of y’all with your senses.  To be a great home chef, you need to turn your sight, smell, and touch back on, along with the taste.

Oh, and we’re gonna get you DIRTY! I want you to FEEL your cooking:

  • What parts of a Marzano tomato make great marinara?
  • How do you separate an egg “Masa-style?”
  • What does a well-mixed buttermilk biscuit feel like?
  • Learn to work a salt cure into smoked salmon.

Are you a bit intimidated by cooking?

  • Don’t know how most of the gizmos on the oven work?
  • Know the right time to use a mixer, blender, or an immersion blender?
  • What the right temperature for stuff is?
  • When it’s right to use an oven, steamer, sous vide, smoker, or stovetop?

We’ll help you sort out what the necessary tools are for your kitchen, cool gadgets that help, not crutch your cooking, and…

I’ll make sure you know enough not to start too many fires.