Security Policy

TheRossGroupFT LLC, parent of, takes your security seriously. Here’s what we do to protect it:

Our website is McAfee and GoDaddy secured and verified.  GoDaddy manages our servers and the security of our network. They have validated our parent organization, TheRossGroupFT LLC, and, as of this writing, they use SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, and continue to evolve and improve standards as security improvements become available.

The Jazz Chef’s store is built by WooCommerce uses Braintree/Paypal to handle all transactions. Please see their respective security documentation on their websites for details as to how their systems operate, and provide security to the software and platforms which support The Jazz Chef’s website and store.

Most of the items in our Choicestuff store are sold through third-party companies like Amazon, Jet,  or SpiceJungle. Clicking on a “buy” link sends you to their websites and/or platforms, and your transactions are guided by their security policies policies and procedures. See their sites for more details.

The Jazz Chef does sell some of its own products. Our employees with access to our ChoiceStuff commerce system go through routine background checks and screening. In the event of any identified fraud or malfeasance, TheRossGroupFT LLC will take all necessary actions to both remove the employee(s) responsible, and handle internal employee issues consistent with Florida employment law and Florida criminal statutes, and to aid both our support companies in web commerce and security with any security issues brought to our attention that are within the purview of their businesses.

Use of this website affirms that you acknowledge that you understand and agree to our operating terms of service.

The security for any portion of a transaction originating from the Jazz Chef platform operated by a third party is completely the responsibility of that entity, and that you hold harmless The Jazz Chef and TheRossGroupFT LLC for any damages or harm caused to you by the third party company, their employees or assigns, or any resulting harm from your transaction or experience after leaving our website.

If you have any security concerns, contact us with them and we will do our best to address them and/or refer you to the service provider or software vendor that can best address them.