Amchoor Powder (Mango Powder)


Amchoor is used to add a tropical and sour flavor, lending an acidic brightness to the foods to which it is applied. Used for Indian cuisine, there are a lot of fun things to do with it, from kickin’ key lime pies to making your sugar rim drinks sing!

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Amchoor powder the magic flavor of unripe mangoes in a powder. They are cut into slices and dried mechanically or by baking them in the sun into leathery strips are then ground into powder form.


As you might expect, the flavor is intensely sour from the increased citric acid, with a zesty, fruity finish. Exploring past the traditions, the tongue picks up easily on its flavor and sour, and the robust color makes it ideal for all kinds of topical applications.  In some cases, it can be substituted for sumac in lighter applications.


Originally from India, amchoor is a predominant flavoring agent in North Indian dishes.


  • Commonly used in Indian and South Asian cuisines for soups, stews, salads, and pakoras.
  • It’s often added to breads, pastries, and desserts to add a candy-like fruit flavor.
  • Amchoor is a key ingredient in chat masala seasoning.
  • Tenderizes and flavors meat without adding additional moisture.


  • Dust on top of a fruit salad of sweet fruits
  • Combine with chile powder, sugar and a pinch of salt and roll chunks of watermelon in it
  • Roll homemade gummies or on sweet dried fruits or tamarind balls in it rather than citric acid for your own sour candies/fruits
  • Add to caster sugar to rim tropical drinks needing a little sour pop and fun color
  • Sprinkle a dusting on top of a key lime pie to give it a little color and pop.


It is originally produced in India to add flavor while preserving the nutritional benefits, when the fresh fruit was out of season. Conveniently kept year-round in Indian households to substitute fresh flavors in chutneys, pickles, marinades and layered curries. 


  • Sour Mango Powder

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