Bush Butter Beans


A much more versatile legume with a wonderful flavor and texture, and Bush is bang-on.

16 oz. can

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Product Description


Butter beans are a vastly under-appreciated legume that are high fiber and really compliment whatever they’re added to well. Butter bean is the more Southern-American name for them, which sells far better than lima bean, that, like mimes, got a bad rep over the decades as the vegetable kids hate in Hollywood.

  • Fat-free, cholesterol-free
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • 5g of protein, 5g of fiber


Creamy and delicate beans with a buttery taste, pre-made Bush’s are very simply prepared, with dextrose  a light sweetening with easy-to-digest glucose, as its only noteworthy additive that’s pretty inoffensive. Some of our pantry has to be non-refrigerated, so canned beans are a valuable item to stock because of their great range in so many foods.


  • Pan-fried
  • Sauteed with bacon or ham
  • Tomato and garlic
  • With mint and lemon


  • Ragoût Thiam – A Senegalese-Italian-French fusion of mint & peanut-infused meatballs in a tomato-okra sauce.
  • Beans N’ Bowties – A pasta dish with farfalle, butter beans cooked with pancetta, white wine, garlic, and finished with a bit of EVOO olive oil and fresh herbs
  • Butter bean “butter” – A pureé thickened, chilled, and spread on bread
  • Butter bean-queso dip
  • Smoked octopus w/ butter bean mash


  • Lima bean
  • Sieva bean
  • Madagascar bean


Lots of companies out there make butter beans. Bush’s, routinely, produces a higher grade product, both in the choice of their beans, and their simple, solid preparation. The quality stands out, making this one of my few five-diamond award winners.



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