Celery (Cross Cut)


Big celery flavor, in a non-perishable, feather-light form. It’s great where you need celery flavor, without its huge moisture content.

1 oz./28g

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These featherlight pieces of dehydrated celery are perfect to have on hand when need big celery flavor without the added moisture, or you’re out of the fresh.

This product can be used as-is or reconstituted.

It’s ideal for situations like a lobster roll, where “wet” ingredients, like celery, can make the sauce base too watery. Dried celery acts like a moisture wick, as it reconstitutes. You may have to wait a few hours, or overnight, for that process to happen.

It works well dry, when pulverized, and used in a meat rub, or sprinkled over a seafood salad.

One part celery to four parts water, either soaking overnight, or in a saucepan over high heat. If boiling, reduce the heat,  allow to simmer for approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on the desired tenderness. Drain and add to your recipe as suggested.



Experience this extremely flavorful dried celery as you would fresh celery. After adding a few drops of liquid to the celery, allow the pieces time to rehydrate before substituting for fresh cut celery stalks.  Ideal if you’re making your own “instant” foods, without all of the additive shelf stabilizing chemicals.



Celery is Mediterranean in origin, but it is grown globally, and used in nearly every cuisine around the world.



  • Instant soup recipes;
  • Reduced to powder, a great addition to spice blends;
  • Add to a shrimp vinaigrette without adding water for depth of flavor;
  • Chop into a mixed nut blend baked in the oven for dimension.



  • Add to a Lobster Roll blend to avoid over-moisturizing the mayo mix;
  • Make my own “Cuppa Soup” with dried chicken broth, dried onion, and cross-cut celery;
  • Excellent in my holiday sausage, to pick up the meat’s moisture, and add flavor;
  • Stir-fry with shallot, corn and shrimp, for my Crispy Celery.



Celery is Mediterranean in its origin, but was so wildly popular that archeological excavations in Switzerland point to its use in Europe as early as 4,000 B.C.E.  It was part of the diets, and medicines, of Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. A cousin of celery, called smallage, was consumed by the Chinese beginning around the 5th Century.

Italy developed a more domesticated variety in the 16th century. Celery did not arrive in the Americas until the 19th century.


  • aipo 
  • api 
  • apio 
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  • apium 
  • Cần tây 
  • celer 
  • céleri 
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  • herewi 
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  • isilimo esidliwayo esinamagatsha anamanzi
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