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Fallot is one of the last handful of artisanal Dijon mustards, made by Edmond Fallot & Company since 1840, the last family run mustard mill in the town of Beaune, located in the Burgundy region of France, home of the true “Dijon” mustard.

Fallot still grinds the seeds in the traditional fashion, with antique millstones, adding verjuice, extracted from Burgundy grapes, to the brown mustard seeds.

This is truly some of the best mustard you can find, and, at a very fair price considering that Maison Maille† charges more than double for its “authentic” mustards from its boutique stores.


A Storied Tradition in the Craft of Mustard Making

Léon BOULEY founded this mustard mill and oil producer in 1840, producing mustards and oils of such quality of that his company was awarded a diploma from the City of Paris at the 1903 Great International Exhibition. Fallot took over the company in 1928, and now his grandson-in-law, Marc Désarménien, continues the traditions with about twenty employees.

This is such great Dijon mustard that stands toe-to-toe with the other remaining original Dijon producers that I award it, and them, with my Choicestuff™ Four-Diamond selection. Truly I think it a bit better than Maison Maille because it is made in a volume that preserves its authenticity.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond

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† Not to be confused with the sweetened mass-produced mustard available under the “Maille” name in supermarkets made by Unilever.


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