Fox Run Lattice Pie Top Cutter, Plastic, White


Dress up a tart or pie quickly with this simple die that puts a lattice top at your fingertips in a few minutes!

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Product Description

Cutting a lattice-top for a pie or tart isn’t exceptionally hard, but it can be time consuming. If you want the look without all the work, or you have a recipe, like the La Diva dei Dolci (Dessert Diva’s) Frangipane and Marmalade Tart, where it’s more of an upscale look to use the flat lattice, then this Fox Run Lattice Pie Top Cutter makes quick work out of your top crusts.


It’s a simple die to cut crust. Roll out the dough, press it into the die, and remove the excess bits from the holes, which themselves can be saved for decorative applications.


It’s plastic, so having your dough chilled down enough makes it a more effective cutter. If the dough is too soft, it is going to compress, not slice it.

It’s a simple, reasonably quick solution for a great look, and it’s flat enough that it stores well. I give it a Jazz Chef Choicestuff Two Diamond for being the best inexpensive answer to the problem.


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