Garlic (Dry Minced)


Stinky show-offs, minced garlic is the Tina Turner of the onion family: Best at letting you know it’s there, loud, and proud.  We don’t need another hero…

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Garlic is one of the oldest known food flavorings of mankind. Why minced? Often, garlic is a mere role player, that has to play nicely with others, in the background of your dish’s taste palate. Like an undercover security officer, it has to blend in with the crowd.

When you want people to KNOW it’s there, either by tasting the little bits that don’t break down like garlic, or to have the textural crunch adds mouth-feel to your food, that’s when minced is magic!


Garlic is an aromatic, and a savory. Minced, based on its cutting and drying process, adds texture. The toasting of the minced garlic intensifies flavor, giving it a bit more umami edge. It is not the perky fresh, nor the mellow roasted. The toasting shines through, dried, or rehydrated.

Left dried, it adds a bit of seasoned crunch to a bread topping, like a bagel, or cracker.

Reconstituted, with liquids, it can be used any number of ways.


With millennia of human consumption and use, garlic is grown all over the world. It is native to the region between the Mediterranean and China.


  • Bagels;
  • European-style garlic chicken;
  • Lemon and Garlic Green Beans;
  • Fried beef (China).


  • Toasted garlic sour cream dip;
  • Furikake Fivel – House-made furikake rice seasoning that’s an Asian-Kosher crossover;
  • The sesame-garlic topping for brisket bao buns.
  • Topping for tortellini in brodo – soup.


Garlic became such a staple of world cuisine because its natural range reaches across such a broad section of Wild garlic was picked up as a flavorant on the go by early men. It was a bit strong to eat on its own, but it made other foods taste better.

Ancient Greece, and Rome, spread their love of garlic around the known world. Garlic was used for anything: Food; medicine; even religious rituals. With the it’s partner from the onion family, the humble onion, it has provided the backbone of savory flavor in cuisines all over the world.

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