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Hatch green chile may be one of the most addictive foods on Earth. Roasted, frozen, and chopped, use it in everything from soups and stews to killer breakfast burritos.

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Hatch chiles have amazing tastes, and smells. They have a flavor that is hard to describe accurately. Spicy, savory, piquant, they are unlike any other chile.

Hatch are often-mistaken for their cousins, the Anaheim. Their aroma, alone, tells you the difference. It puts the broadest of smiles on the faces of New Mexicans, and those fortunate enough to have developed a Hatch habit.


Real “Hatch” chiles are from the Hatch Valley, in New Mexico.  Unique conditions, in the soil, make these chiles some of the most amazing-tasting that you’ll ever try.

Mild to mouth-melting, the flavor of Hatch chiles is so good that at Mc Donald’s locations in New Mexico, they offer it as a side.

 At the Mecca of Breakfast Burritos, Chicago Dog, in Santa Fe, I’ve seen people stand, in a snowstorm, to get theirs, before the place shutters for weather.

They go great in all kinds of foods. I’ve made green chile relish, for hot dogs. I’ve used it in a Southwestern kimchi. Pop a steak with Hatch infused mashed potatoes, or a vegan lentil stew!

Beware of imitations! To learn more about these amazing chiles, see: Green Heroin: How to Buy Addictive Hatch Green Chiles!


The soils of New Mexico produce some of the most unique chiles in the world.   Chiles are very adaptive. Where they grow can change their flavor, color, and variations of shape. 

Normally, you add chiles for heat. Only a few, like Hatch, Chimayo, and Jalapeños, have any distinctive taste.

There is a savory piquancy, in the chiles grown in the Hatch Valley, that makes them stand-out. It’s not about the heat. It’s about the flavor.

There are a lot of “fakes” of Hatch chiles. A cousin of the Anaheim pepper, there are many grown in other parts of New Mexico, and Mexico, that claim to be “Hatch Valley” chiles, but are not. 

One company even went so far as to brand the name “Hatch.” It’s the most commonly found, in supermarkets, yet if you look at the back of the label, it’s just common Anaheim green chiles.

Chiles from the Hatch Chile store come from the Hatch Valley region, in New Mexico. They have that signature “pop.” Roasted, then flash frozen, they retain a lot of the essential acids that create that flavor.  

The area has been hit, several times, by price-cutting and outside competition from nearby regions. Hatch Chiles had been on the decline, because of the lack of profitability in growing them, versus other crops. Today, the family farms are recovering, thanks to direct sales like these.

Chiles from The Hatch Chile Store come from one of the area’s oldest family farms. It’s been in the same family for over five generations. They’ve been in business for more than a century!  Your chiles are grown on 1000 acres of the most prime farmland in the Hatch Valley.


Hatch chiles are wonderful, because they so beautifully balance flavor, and heat. Is it worth paying a bit more to a family farm for totally legit product?  No matter how good of a cook you are, if you don’t start with great ingredients, what kind of food will you end up serving?

I’m awarding the Hatch Chile Store our Five Diamond Choicetstuff™ rating, in frozen, as well as fresh, for their amazing product. If you can’t find dozens of great uses for them, keep reading. We’ll make sure that you do!

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