Infused Black Garlic Salt


100 g. (3.5 oz.)

Looking for quick pop for a steak, or to freshen up your focaccia? Black garlic salt is your ticket to tasty town!

Sold By: Jacobsen Salt Co.

Product Description



This salt is drawn from the sea, crystalized, then cold-smoke-infused with black garlic to give it a rich, robust taste that has a lot of applications in your cuisine! Normally we’d pass on pricey salts, especially any “sea salt,” but this black garlic offers the opportunity to use an herb-salt that is harder to find, and keeps better than black garlic.


Sea salt has other trace minerals, making it a bit “richer” tasting salt. Jacobsen’s smoking process brings big flavor to the salt, without the bitterness associated with other smoked salts. Black garlic is a darker, muskier flavor than regular white garlic, and the salt takes up every bit of that. Since black garlic is harder to find, the salt makes for a good seasoning to add to your aromata!


Jacobsen Salt Co. used to harvests sea salt from the cold, clear waters of Netarts Bay, in Oregon by dragging it up in buckets. Today, they use a slightly more volume method, but like to stick to the “hand made” moniker, claiming now that it’s an “origin story.”  The salt is used in the Northwest, although it is available throughout North America.


  • Season a steak with this and a little ghee, and wow!;
  • A sprinkle over steamed vegetables;
  • Seasoning for fish;
  • Seasoning for roasted potatoes.


  • A sprinkle side for a fresh ricotta cheese basket, along with other salty/savories;
  • Finish a ceasar salad with a little black garlic salt;
  • Add to the curing salts in a bacon for a wonderful black garlic bacon;
  • A great topping for focaccia bread.


Jacobsen has been making salt in Oregon since 2011. Salt is harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast.

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