Pasture-Raised Alfresco Eggs by Vital Farms

You wouldn’t build the Eiffel Tower with cheap steel. Why buy cheap, low-nutrition, low-yolk factory eggs to build your recipes, or to put your body?

Pasture-raised eggs, from chickens allowed to roam truly free, produce AMAZING eggs, and respect family farming.

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Why pay more for an egg? You are what you eat. Crack open a Vital Farms egg, and you jump continents, or back in time in a good way.

When you go to Europe, where they value the quality and authenticity of food, far more than we do in the United States, you will see eggs that look like eggs, before the days of the factory farm.


Prior to farming for gross volume, with all its meanings, American eggs looked the same way that Eggs in Europe, and much of the rest of the world, do: The yolks are a healthy golden yellow.

The taste? Oh, my.

When hens scratch, and eat bugs, worms, and things other than a “science” diet, they pass on the benefits of that food source.

They’re not packed into tight cages, or the egg industry’s truly bogus description “free range” on three meters (9 ft.-ish) of concrete pad, with a bit of guilt-induced sunlight hitting them from time to time.

Result? You get a richer, more nutritious egg.


Two frying pans: Sunny-side up a factory egg, and a pasture-raised egg, on toast, using my Risen Fried Egg method.

Do the taste test. You will be convinced too! It is worth a little more money to put better basics in your body.


Vital Farms is one of the biggest and most successful producers of egg and dairy products raised in great traditions and practices.

What started in Austin, Texas, as a family farm with a good idea, was given a big shot in the arm by pre-Amazon Whole Foods, which offered expansion loans to companies like Vital, to promote big ideas on better food.

Today, Vital is effectively a corporate farmer, with more than ninety family farms all over the United States producing eggs, and dairy products like butter, under their label.

Sold at dozens of markets coast-to-coast, it’s the good kind of corporate farmer.

All of their farms adhere to their rules about giving their chickens and cows a lot of room to run, rotating fields monthly to allow them to rest and let the eco-cycle of the chicken scratch and scat to benefit the land that supports the operations. Herds of cows proportionate to the acreage that allow them to roam freely and graze make great butter and dairy products too.

Does that mean that some eggs are bigger than others? Yes. Does it mean that some yolks are different in size? Yes. The trade-offs for consistency aren’t worth the drop in nutrition and health value of factory eggs.


Vital Farms consistently produces the best egg that we have used in our kitchen, hands down.  While a bit more costly than “conventional” eggs, if we’re willing to spend on vitamins, the gym, or even a better cut of meat, why shouldn’t there be A-list eggs?

Which is why Vital Farms earns The Jazz Chef’s ChoiceStuff™ Five-Diamond† certification.

Where can you get them?  A growing number of major markets now carry them in select stores. Check the map here!


† Find out more about how we do it differently too, why our non-sponsor promoted ChoiceStuff ratings aren’t as organic and true as the products which we recommend to you.


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