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One of the fundamentals of great cooking is mise-en-place, putting everything in its place to have at the ready. Clear glass, stackable work bowls are an essential element of any kitchen.

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“Less is More” cooking means smaller bits needing a home for a few while you put together your food. Once reserved for complex Asian dishes, a good dozen of these inexpensive mini-bowls are a must for every great home chef.


Mise-en-place is very important. Getting all of your “stuff” right, in the right place, or just having something pre-mixed, like a seasoning blend you create on the fly, or a bit of a dressing, or a sauce, or just having the bits of garlic, pepperoni, etc. cut up and ready for assembly all require someplace to put them.

Keeping them here and there on your cutting board is an answer, but it invariably means you drop something wrong in at the wrong time.

Good habits make for great chefs.

These inexpensive little glass bowls are the perfect solution because they’re stackable and small. The product inside them is always visible, as opposed to patterned or solid opaque bowls which may not be in eyeshot over at your stove while you’re cutting on the opposite side of the kitchen.

Glass is also a great way to go because it doesn’t interact with foods.


They’re not for long-term storage. A little plastic wrap over them is ok for short periods, but leave them open as you would your measuring cups for creating new dishes.


There are a lot of different mini-prep bowls. Truly any of them that is clear will do. This is a nice set of twelve at a great price from our friends at Amazon, but a good restaurant supply or even a few dollar-style stores might have ones equally good. A Choicestuff One-Diamond pick for the deal.


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