Ras El Hanout


Like Americans adore their BBQ rubs, this top-shelf, aromatic Arabic spice blend, reminiscent of a morning at the outdoor spice markets, is their equivalent of an all-purpose spice mix. Let it transform your meats, vegetables, and condiments to instant-wow!

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This rather exotic mix is the North African equivalent of an all-purpose seasoning. It is commonly used in meat rubs, and condiments across North Africa and Asia.

The name ras el hanout (رأس الحانوت), in Arabic, translates to “head of the shop,” similar to the English expression “top-shelf” implies a mixture of the best spices that the seller has to offer.

Here, our friends at Spice Jungle do exactly that. Their proprietary blend is one of the best that we’ve tried, other than making up your own!


The aroma of this blend is reminiscent of walking through an open market in North Africa. Notes of warming spices, exotic herbs, and sweet rose all tie into one all purpose seasoning that truly has no comparison.

Like most spice blends, ras el hanout has many, many variations, both regional, and down to the tastes of a particular family, or chef.

Common ingredients are:

  • Turmeric;
  • Fenugreek;
  • Mace;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Black pepper;
  • Clove;
  • Paprika;
  • Cumin.

However, blends can contain many other ingredients, including, but not limited to:

  • Rose petals;
  • Grains of Paradise;
  • Rowan;
  • Cubeb berries.


Ras el hanout originates from North Africa. It plays a similar role in regional cuisine that garam masala does in Indian cuisine. The mix is generally associated with Morocco, although it’s also common to Tunisia and Algeria as well.


  • Mrouzia;
  • Meat seasoning, especially good with lamb;
  • Pumpkin, chick pea and tomato soup;
  • Flat breads;
  • Add to couscous.


  • فطيرة الراعي  Fatirat Alrraei – Arabic Shepherd’s Pie with Couscous & Mash;
  • T.E. Lawrence’s Fried Chicken – An American classic with an Arabic twist;
  • Arabic Street Corn – The Mexican classic with a ras el hanout take;
  • Pasta Ras – A simple pasta tossed with ras el hanout, chopped shrimp, and chevre.


The ras el hanout (رأس الحانوت) origin story begins in a long-forgotten spice shop, probably in Morocco, where spice dealers mixed the best of what they had to offer, in individual spices, into a more convenient, all-purpose blend. Over time, some of these blends have had upwards of fifty spices mixed into them!

Today, there are hundreds of variations. Often, ras el hanout is customized to order, and freshly ground for a customer.


Get top quality from our friends at SpiceJungle.


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