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Building your own cake mix? Have a dish where you need raspberry flavor without the juice, or the seeds? POWDER POWER! This freeze dried raspberry powder is made from 100% raspberries.

1 oz./28g

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Product Description



If you need raspberry flavor and/or color evenly especially in dry mixes, or oil/fat-based where any moisture would affect the mix, raspberry powder is your go-to!

Made from raspberries that are freeze-dried, sweet, at the peak of freshness, then ground, raspberry powder lends a much more intense taste than the fresh fruit.

It takes hundreds of raspberries to make a bit of the powder. It isn’t cheap, so it’s best used for specialized situations, like making a raspberry cake mix, rather than smoothies, where it would be more cost-effective to use fresh, or frozen, raspberries. Also useful in parts of the world where raspberries don’t grow, and the fresh, or frozen, are unavailable, equally expensive, or refrigeration space for fruit is not available. If a puree or the fresh juice work better, use that first.


This pink powder adds a naturally sweet, mildly aromatic and tart raspberry flavor to a variety of mixes, foods, beverages, and confections. It easily blends with vanilla for a sweeter, richer taste in cakes.


Freeze dried fruit has a shorter shelf life than other spices. You can watch the color fade as it ages. Order, as needed, in smaller amounts. Best within three months of delivery, use within six months. You can extend its life by inserting a desiccant pack to the storage container to reduce moisture and keep it fresh a bit longer.


Raspberries are a popular commercial fruit crop, widely grown in all temperate regions of the world. Russia, the United States, and Poland grow the largest commercial crops. Aside from the red berry, there are other colors, and raspberry hybrids like the Loganberry, or the Bosenberry.


  • Candies, confections, chocolates. Integrates with fats better;
  • A better raspberry ice cream. Fresh fruit pureé can “ice;”
  • Add to cocktail recipes and rims;
  • Cakes and other baked goods, and their frosting.


  • Add to cooked yams for a raspberry mash;
  • White chocolate-raspberry mousse;
  • My My-oh-My Raspberry Fried chicken
  • Raspberry-Rose sticky rice, under a scoop of coconut ice


Raspberries are grown, domesticated, and wild, in temperate to cold climates across the Northern Hemisphere, to as far south as Mexico. It derives its name from a Anglo-Latin wine of the mid-15th century called raspise. The name may have been influenced by its appearance as having a rough surface related to Old English rasp or “rough berry.” It’s one of the most widely used fruits in foods all over the world.

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