Smoked Applewood Sea Salt


The smell of smoke evokes our most primal instincts for happiness in cooked meats. Smoked sea salt takes foods, where smoking isn’t possible, or convienient, to that caveman happy!

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Product Description



Unless forbidden by faith, bacon is a pretty universal happy. It is one of the most commonly-consumed foods in North America, and Europe. Aside from the fabulous fat, it’s the smoke that provokes our primal proclivities. The smoke from applewood, burned, is a sweet, mellow magic that lends itself well to foods. The old saying “Where there’s smoke, their’s fire.” Not always. If you’re a city dweller, smoking foods, without expensive equipment indoors, or conventional gear that will annoy the snot out of your neighbors, or violate codes, is difficult to impossible. Smoked sea salts allow you to subtly scent all kinds of foods, or make meats made in ovens, or sous vide, taste like they spent time in a smoker.


The apple wood smoked salt is the mellowest of the smoked salts offered. Wood from the apple tree, like other fruit trees, has a naturally fruity, and sweet scent. The sea salt allows for both deep penetration of the flavor, and smoke aroma. The salt itself is also good for the sanitation of foods in brines, seasoned salts, and cures. Used in moderation, it can amplify taste, turn on the brain’s smoke “happy,” and make “meh” meals more magical.  When used as a garnish, as a topping on a brie slice, it adds both textural crunch, and visual appeal.



  • Seasoning roasted meats;
  • Addition of smoke to foods in seasoned salts, cures and brines;
  • As a finishing garnish on seafood;
  • To add smoke flavoring to any dish.


  • A topping for maple-bacon ice cream;
  • Add “bacon” flavor to vegan sausage, and other dishes;
  • Chet’s Char – A Groovin’ Gravlax – Cold “smoke” without the smoker;
  • Sprinkle a touch over slices of cold brie on thin apple slices;
  • Adds the smokey aroma to the cheese in Felix Fabulous Fondue.


Salt, when heated,  becomes more metallic, and bitter in its taste. This salt, then, is prepared with the cold smoking method. The burning wood is held in another chamber and the smoke is pumped in to where evaporated sea salt basks in the aroma. The food sits in the same chamber with the burning wood and temperatures range between 165 and 185 Fahrenheit.

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