Strawberry Powder


This pale pink powder, picked at the peak of perfection, stokes strawberry sumptuousness into ingredients where the dry, no lie, works better than wet.

1 oz./ 28 g.

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Strawberry is one of the most commonly used fruit flavors in the world. Fresh strawberries don’t integrate well into dry mixes, like a cake batter. For things like smoothies, use fresh strawberries. For recipes where you want strawberry flavor, but the liquid is either unusable, or inconvenient, or you want to amplify strawberry taste without using a ton of the fresh fruit, Strawberry powder is your go-to.


This pink powder adds natural strawberry flavor, a in a more intense form. Strawberries are known for a light, sweet, mildly tart taste with a robust, yet mildly floral, sugar rush in the middle.


Freeze dried fruit has a shorter shelf life than other spices. You can watch the color fade as it ages. Order, as needed, in smaller amounts. Best within three months of delivery, use within six months. You can extend its life by inserting a desiccant pack to the storage container to reduce moisture and keep it fresh a bit longer.


Species of strawberries are grown, indoors, and outdoors, all over the planet. Indigenous to nearly all of the northern hemisphere and most of the tropical regions of the world, like their savory cousin, the onion, they are well known to most world cusines.


  • Frostings
  • Add to sugar, and a pinch of salt for your own strawberry sugar rim for cocktails
  • Strawbery-flavored baked goods
  • Strawberry ice cream gets a boost with a little dry powder for intensity of flavor


  • Strawberry mashed potatoes – Outrageous pairing with strawberry-stuffed chicken
  • Honey fish stir-fry’s final dusting before serving
  • Strawberry angel hair – Dessert pasta. A bowl, brushed with a thinned Nutella, topped with strawberry angel hair tossed in hazelnut oil. Crushed hazelnuts and fresh strawberries top it.
  • Strawberry-tomato gazpacho


Freeze-dried strawberry powder is a more recent innovation. Strawberries have been in use by humanity for thousands of years. The freeze-drying process dates back to the Incas, who took tubers from the low vallies, marched them up the mountain to high altitude, and allowed the cold and the wind, with little to no bacteria, to preserve food. The process shows up again in the 1920s, improves in the 1930s, but really doesn’t enter heavily into commercial foods until the 1950’s. Freeze-drying creates a high-quality result because the low temperature maintains the shape and nutrients of the product without breaking it down, as heating does. The quality of rehydrated products, then, is excellent!

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