The Jazz Chef Project

The Jazz Chef

Welcome to my ambitious project, currently under construction and development:  The first global culinary gathering by home chefs, for home chefs. We are not here to give you a “box” out of which we will have you dutifully cook recipes of our creation. Instead we offer you freedom. Our goal is to teach you how to improvise, to move beyond the traditions and methods that you were taught, to embrace all of the world’s flavors, other and new ways of preparing foods, and develop your own creative “fingerprint.”

Even if you’re busy. Even if you can’t devote a lot of time to cooking. You can up your game.

It’s not just the articles, or the recipes. Our “shop” is really hundreds of pages of in-depth dives into a deep understanding of why and how you use things in your kitchen or bar:  The spices of our SpiceDex™, my reviews of ChoiceStuff™ foods and kitchen gear, and the wine and spirit picks of our sommelier and craft cocktail artists.

I am assisted, around the world, by home chefs like you, food scientists, sommeliers, baristas, and craft cocktail artists who are all equally committed to the passions of bringing great food tastes, smarter, more modern ways to cook and drink, and better health to you, at home, and me, The Jazz Chef, sharing some of the hundreds of recipes that I’ve created in more than 35 years in my kitchens.

You are invited into my virtual epicurious adventures in great tastes, and my foodie travels uncovering great traditions from around the world that we can fuse into our own!

Join us, and discover so much about the foods, beverages, wines and spirits that you’ve consumed but never really known.  And pardon if, here and there, everything has not attained the level of depth that it ultimately will. We’re still creating “rooms” and painting the walls!


Brian Ross, The Jazz Chef


If you would like to join us in this adventure, and you have mad skills that you want to share, contact me!