Blueapple are small plastic containers with packets which absorb the ethylene gas that plant matter puts out as it decomposes. Absorb the gas, and keep your vegetables crisper far longer, saving nutrition and money.

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Bluapple is one of the best ways to pamper your fruits and vegetables, and stretch shelf life out of some great farm-to-table produce without irradiation or using harmful chemicals.

They are small plastic containers with holes that allow air to pass through them. Inside they hold packets which absorb the ethylene gas that plant matter puts out as it decomposes. The gas, released into the air, speeds up overall decomposition in your vegetable drawer.

Vegetables and fruits all decompose at different rates. Absorb the gas, and they all last longer, extending your produce shelf life and saving you more frequent trips to the market or to your hydroponic garden (our big recommend).

There are a number of ethylene gas-removing products on the market. These are some of the best because they’re compact, handy, and, because they have easy refill pouches to drop into the blue plastic ball, they put a lot less junk into landfills. A year refill kit is around $10 or less, and you’ll save considerably more on your produce!  Enter the date that you bought one on their website, and they will remind you when to replace the pouches. I use them in my kitchen vegetable bins, so I award them a  Jazz Chef Choicestuff™Four Diamond medallion for a great execution of an already good idea.


Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond


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