Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine


The industry standard in pasta machines has been Marcato for decades. They keep making modest improvements, but

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Product Description

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The Marcato Atlas pasta machine is the home standard for making non-extruded (tube) pastas that is basic and rugged in design, and ridiculously easy to use.  Ditch the box, and you and your family can have both better food, and a lot of fun making your own as kids LOVE to crank the pasta machine!


  • The original Atlas Pasta Machine is still the best. Simple and easy to use design.
  • Rolls and cuts pasta dough for making most traditional non-tube pastas that don’t need an extruder.
  • Made in Italy
  • Stainless steel
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional motor
  • 12 pasta cutting accessories for the machine (sold separately)
  • Roll dough in 10 thickness settings (0.6 to 4.8-millimeter)
  • Easy to use; wipe clean with a dry brush or cloth
  • Available in 9 colors!


Pasta really isn’t rocket science. You combine a good semolina flour and top eggs a little water and salt and you get a great pasta dough. Run it through the right machine and you make pastas that look like you spent a lot more time than it took you to prepare, cut, and dry them.

The Marcato Atlas pasta makers are the most old-school, easy, fun-to-use gizmos that you’ll keep in your arsenal of cooking gear.

If you have kids, there is nothing better than a “pasta Saturday” where you knock off noodles, raviolis, or other good stuff to last you for a few days or a couple of months dried, refrigerated, or frozen.

Even if you don’t, you will appreciate all of the things that you can do with a pasta machine and a little imagination.

Folks go to farmers’ markets and pay big money for specialty pastas that are a snap to make at home.

One of my faves is a nice lavender pasta. Take a little culinary grade lavender and add it into your pasta dough, and you make a fettucine that is one of the most exquisite, fragrant things that you will ever try in your life.

Chiara Costanza, our Dessert Diva, even uses her Atlas to make the dough for her Modern Sicilian Cannolo, a riff on the tubular cannoli.


Atlas machines have multiple attachments, sold separately, that will make everything from spaghetti, capellini (angel hair) and pappardelle, to raviolini (mini ravioli).  Marcato and third parties also offer motor  attachments for the Atlas if you don’t like the idea of hand cranking, although I like both the control and the FUN!


I hate to make this admission, as it makes me feel like Father Time, butI have had these machines for decades. They are simple, elegant, easy to use, and, unlike any of the motorized units, they allow for you to crank out pasta where you have more control of the process. Machine expelled pasta can be good as well. I’m not unhappy with the Philips unit, but more for extruded (tube) pastas. You get a control on long noodles with an Atlas like nothing else that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried plenty!  It gets my five diamond Choicestuff™ award because Marcato is consistently on the top of its game with these machines!