Scanpan PRO IQ Nonstick Fry Pan, 12.5″, Black


The Scanpan IQ line is the Rolls Royce of ceramic pans.  There are a lot of cheap ceramic-titanium pans out there, but nothing performs like these all-range top food Ferraris. It’s an investment, but it will pay dividends when it flows with you and turns heat up or down on a dime.

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Ceramic titanium pans are light, strong, and conduct heat incredibly well. There are a lot of third-rate “bargain” pans sold on late night television, but ScanPan out of Denmark still is the leader in making the best cookware that will last you for a long, long time.

For my school of less-is-more, lower temp cooking, nothing beats the ScanPan. This 12″ fry pan is my five-star pan for delivering the perfect heat to all kinds of bases like sautéed onions, making Spanish tortillas, African shakshuka, or just reheating a nice sauce.  Use less heat, get more quality cooks.

The IQ Pro line represents the best in the state-of-the-art in pans, but why is that worth $159 of your money?  Yes. Good equipment lasts longer. You may replace a $40-70 pan many times, or keep and care for a good one that will last most of your time cooking at home. You’ll make up most of the cost on the power savings over the years!

If you have an induction range, it offers a level of subtle control that you may not find with cheaper ceramics or other types of pans, much closer to gas in your ability to make minor heat adjustments and have the pan turn on a dime.

Heating pans up is what everyone worries about, but often cooling them back down quickly without adding cooler liquids is equally important. If you bring the pan up, and need it to come down again with equal speed, the Scanpan IQ Pro behaves like a foodie’s Ferrari.

Easy to clean, they say you can use metal utensils, but they do tend to scratch a bit, so I stick with silicone and ‘soft’ metal like whisks and whips.

Oven safe, you can do a Spanish tortilla in it that rivals cast-iron ceramics and tends to cook faster.



  • Thick base provides fast and even heat distribution
  • Patented non-stick coating sears, browns, and deglazes with ease. More flavor, effortless clean-up.
  • Ceramic surface reduces the need for heat to achieve the same results, lowering gas/electric costs
  • Suitable for all stove tops including induction.
  • Patented non-stick coating is 10 times harder than stainless steel and scratch resistant.
  • Built to last in Denmark with a limited lifetime warranty
  • PFOA-Free and dishwasher safe


The Scanpan IQ line is the Rolls Royce of ceramic pans.  There are a lot of cheap ceramic-titanium pans out there, and you can make up a laundry list of their flaws. Too thin. Cheaper core materials and only a little of the good stuff. You want to bring more a game to all of your stovetop and stove-to-oven dishes, then have the smarts to buy IQ.  The 12″ is a go-to for a lot of applications, and it gets my Jazz Chef Choicestuff Five Diamond nod.

*Lettering IS NOT in the pan as pictured. See the Amazon site for views of the pan.


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