Misen 12” Nonstick Fry Pan


An unbeatable pan for price/performance. Comfortable to use, well-crafted.

Sold By: The Jazz Chef

Product Description


Don’t have the coin for ceramic titanium? Newcomer Misen has been killing it with a line of hugely solid, high value pans, and cooking knives.


  • Well balanced pan;
  • Silicone handle is both comfortable and ergonomic;
  • Exceptional non-stick surface;
  • Unbeatable price.


Misen gives to you, in the value class,  a pan that, at the time of this writing, retails for $65.00, and is extremely well crafted.  The pan is well balanced. The silicone grip is comfortable, doesn’t pass through heat, and is easy to clean.

Pricey pans are often bought more for their looks than their abilities. If you put more value on feng shui than functionality, I can’t say that you’re going to love these. If, however, you understand that the pan is a great tool, these are great tools.

I’ve put them through their paces:  A lot of “stressful” situations, and then back to much more subtle heat needs, like my Risen Fried Eggs. Their titanium-plasma primer gives the pans a bit more conductivity of heat, and a better response to changes in heat.

That being said, though, one difference, between this pan, and my pricey 12.5” titanium ScanPan IQ, is response. If you cook with electric, it’s not a big deal, as the heat itself is slow. If you cook with gas, though, and want to drop temp 10°c / 50°F fast, and then back up, equally fast, it will definitely take the Misen a bit longer to get there. You have to be an A-game home chef, or a pro, to really worry about that, though, so, recommending for the other 99% of the world, it’s not a game-changer.

Usually “value” pans are practically disposable.  Most of those “TV-special” pans that are “tough” in don’t live up to their billing. Some may avoid scratching, but  they cook unevenly, or can’t take high heat.

Not Misen. It delivers what it promises.


While Misen reminds you that no pan stays non-stick forever, which is true, I have to respectfully disagree with them.  A lot of the fail in nonstick pans are the users, not the pan.

Follow my teachings  and use:

  • Less heat;
  • Quality silicone, non-stick, non-scratch tools,
  • Better oils;
  • Clean them with the right kind of gentle scrubbing tools

Any pan will last years longer. Shortform: Be kind to your pans, including the Misens, and they will reward you with great dishes!

We’ve used our test pans over, and over, for hundreds of dishes. They are still going strong. I give Misen pans my enthusiastic Choicestuff™ Five-Diamond for value, and quality, that finally walks the walk in that price point.



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