All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender


The All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender makes amazing smoothies, purées soups and baby food, mixes cake batter, whips up fresh mayo, chops nuts, and more! It has a detachable shaft for easy cleaning, and a variable speed control dial with 600-Watts of power!  Silver

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Product Description


They go by many names: Immersion Blender. Hand Mixer. Pimer. If you need to blend something fast, chop nuts, or make copious amounts of mayo, the immersion blender is a kitchen super hero.


  • Well balanced body, lightweight yet rugged stem and mixer head;
  • High-performance power and speed;
  • Variable speed control dial with a power and turbo settings, plus pulse for added control
  • Large blending head to reduce splatter while in use, extra-long, 9-1/4-inch, stainless-steel shaft can reach deep into pots, pitchers, or bowls
  • Set of accessories including a mini chopper and a whisk can be purchased separately


This All-Clad immersion blender is particularly good because it has great ergonomics, and superior design. The long stem can reach all kinds of materials in pots while your hands are on the body of the unit. It detaches easily for cleaning, and can snap on and come back for more.

The turbo feature, as long as you have it immersed well, can power through all kinds of jobs. Have it too close to the surface, though, and you’ll have a really amazing flood splatterer that goes the distance!


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful


  • A bit noisier than other ones that I’ve tried;
  • Turbo setting can cause the unit to pull down rapidly if you’re not fairly strong.