Krinos Tahini


North Africa’s answer to peanut butter, this ground sesame sauce has so many more uses, from a dip, to the anchor of a good hummus, to a lot of other more creative uses. TA&J? No way? Way!

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Product Description


Tahini is the peanut butter used from the Eastern Mediterranean to Southeast Asia: A ground paste of sesame seeds, and oil, that is thinned more like a thick sauce, than a gooey peanut butter. It is used in a wide variety of recipes, but is probably best known as the driving force behind any good hummus.


Traditional uses:

  • Served straight, as its own dip, with pita, or veggies;
  • It can be used as a spread on sandwiches;
  • A part of salad dressings;
  • A key ingredient of all hummus.


  • Hummus bread – A flatbread made with garbanzo flour, and a little tahini;
  • Mix with ground bison, beef, or lamb, salt, and the Ethiopian spice blend mitmita, and tomatoes, over rice;
  • Tahini and Fig Jam sandwich. Move over, PB & J!;
  • Eggs Dervish: As part of the batter to flash-fry hardboiled eggs. Great bar bites!

My Take

There are a lot of tahini out there. You can make your own, but, for most people, they pick it up. Krinos, in the United States, is one of the easier brands to find. Why Krinos?  There are a LOT of tahini out there. I’ve found, year-in, and year-out, that it is a more consistent product. Unlike competitor JOYA, the dinosaur on the crushed sesame seed shelf, their product is a smooth, excellent, even tahini that hasn’t been sitting in the can since the Suez Canal was dug. Deblocking a can of Joya into something edible is a whole 10-20 minutes with a blender that I don’t need to do with Krinos.

In a wide field of choices, it gets a solid four diamonds in my Choicestuff rankings.

Jazz Chef Choicestuff 4 Diamond



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