Les Terroirs de Marrekech Extra Virgin Olive Oil


503 ml / 17 oz.

Rolls Royce is the Terroirs de Marrekech of cars. This amazing extra virgin olive oil, from a more than 300-year-old grove, owned by the Aqallal family, defies all kinds of descriptions, except two: Amazing; subtle.

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Too good to cook with, like using the real Mona Lisa as a serving plate, Les Terroirs de Marrekech, an extra-virgin olive oil, finishes all kinds of foods, from pastas, to hummus in ways that no other oil that I’ve ever tried, can.

I see every flavor ascribed to it by the places that sell it. I understand. It’s really hard to quantify the WOW of this oil’s flavor. It’s low-acid (0.1-0.2), ultra smooth, warm, and luscious. It awaits your own best description:

A huge smile.

So fresh, it tastes like you’re consuming the oil right after it has been pressed. Unlike other oils, which have a heavy grassy, or spicy finish, Les Terroirs de Marrekech starts with a whiff of spice, but finishes clean, and joyous.

Like wines, these are dated. You’re usually buying the harvest prior. 2019 would be 2018’s bottling.  Speaking of bottles they have one of the most beautiful, unique bottlings in the world, for an olive oil.

More commonly known to our European friends, there are a few places that sell it in the United States. I’m surprised that tony Williams-Sonoma never discovered it.


  • Puddle into the center of a hummus plate as a dip to break up the flavors, and mix in;
  • Makes a wicked finish for an olive oil cake;
  • Drizzle on pasta with cheese, salt, and pepper for spectacular caccio e pepe;
  • As a bread dip for pita; a great topping for focaccia.


  • Drizzle over house made a scoop of pistachio, and chocolate ice cream;
  • Amazing on pasta with salt and chervil. That’s it. Boil the pasta, then rinse, and toss;
  • A salad with fresh ricotta, watercress, peaches, and chopped mint, drizzled with this oil;
  • Puddle, then place a top-drawer filet on top. Cut off bites, and dip them in.


Produced by the Aqallal family, in the Atlas mountains, parts of the grove of Picholine du Languedoc olives are more than three centuries old. The majority of the growing area was planted by Baron Rotschild more than a century ago, in 1887. Every step, from growing, to pressing, to bottling, and shipping, are done at the grove.


  • Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition Gold Medal
  • Travel + Leisure
  • Saveur
  • London’s Great Taste Gold


There are a few foods that, when you run across them in life, so profoundly change the way that you think about what you cook with. Les Terroirs de Marrekech extra virgin olive oil is one of those profound, game-altering foodstuffs.

Is it expensive?

You betcha.

Is it worth it?

You betcha.

It’s that wonderful oil to pull out, and share with friends, on special occasions. It’s that treat to yourself on a bad day. It’s the great story about where it comes from, and the taste that totally backstops its rep.  I stop at five diamonds, but, I could give it far more. One of my top-top Choicestuff winners.


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