Norpro 8-Inch Nonstick Springform Pan


Everyone needs a basic springform pan in their baking gear, and this Norpro nonstick fits the bill just fine!

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Product Description

There are two schools to all baking pans.  There’s the “get ‘er done” school where cheap and basic will be good enough. Then there’s more of the “value” perspective that you buy something of quality that will last you for longer so you’re not back buying the equipment at increasingly higher prices every few years.

If you use something like this once in a blue moon, or you have a strict budget, then this is your pan. If not, consider a mid-grade Kaiser springform pan.


This is a great, affordable 8″ springform pan. The idea is to be able to release your cake easily without having to pry it out. I recommend buying the parchment rounds that fit in the bottom so you can slide it out effortlessly.


It’s non-stick, but remember to wash it by hand without abrasives to keep it that way! The coatings on budget pans are generally pretty thin.

Last long – Most of these pans have, if they’re taken care of well and used infrequently, about a 5-6 year lifespan. I’ve seen a few of the early non-sticks of this grade make 8-10 years.  Average is really about 2-4. The buckles are their achilles heel. Once they deform, the pan starts to leak and becomes useless. The thin gauge metal, if mishandled, will also deform and render the pan a recyclable.



  • Diameter 8 inches/20cm by 2.5 inches/6cm deep
  • Durable steel construction with nonstick coating for effortless release
  • Spring latch securely holds form together offering a tight leak-proof seal
  • Dark finish to absorb rather than reflect heat.



This unit is a reliable stalwart, but not especially unique in design or its approach to nonstick cooking. It earns my Choicestuff Two Diamond rating because of Norpro’s general quality and reliability.


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