Oakwood Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil


Castillo De Canena’s oakwood-smoked Arbequina olive oil

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There are a few very perfect things in this world. Castillo De Canena’s oakwood-smoked Arbequina olive oil is definitely one of my top Choicestuff™ winners.

Sure, you could save yourself a little green by using a quality Arbequina olive oil from Spain and a little smoked paprika, or oak-smoked salt, but both, I find, lack the subtlety of this exquisite olive oil.

In some dishes, like a salad with a little smoky edge, or just a drizzle on a charcuterie board, it might be a tad harder to pull off elegantly if it’s a DIY.

It instantly adds distinction to any dish, but is especially good in cold and hot dishes with tuna, ham, chicken, or vegetarian bases.

I’ve had a lot of success with it in a nice kale salad where it picks up the salty edge of the greens. As a drizzle over rare roast beef and manchego cheese, or the base for a steak tartare with a little smoky edge, this is your oil, or make the dip for your roast beef charcuterie board to wow friends.

A little goes a long way, so blend with other good elements, and the price, around $21-$24 for a bottle, shouldn’t throw you off.

Normally I would bristle at combined flavors, but this is that rare exception to the rule, and why it earns my Choicestuff™ Five-Diamond award. There isn’t anything like it.


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