Ricotta Cheese Basket (Mold)


One of the prettiest showpieces on a cheese and charcuterie night is a fresh, molded ricotta cheese. This basket is the traditional Italian form for that ricotta. It also helps create a drier ricotta for use as a stuffing in raviolis and cannolis, or in lasagna.

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Product Description


Fresh ricotta cheese is easy to make, light and wonderful. This mold helps you serve it in the classic Italian table-form.


Lined with a thin layer of cheesecloth, the ricotta basket is a form, a mold. It shapes a ricotta batch into an attractive presentation for the table. It compacts the cheese down a bit for a firmer batch for use in dishes like raviolis or cannoli, where the batch needs to be drier.

Water escapes out of the slots in the basket, and the pattern forms an attractive mold of the cheese.  See my fresh ricotta recipe for more.


These molds are plastic and very easy to care for. Make sure, when you are done with them, to soak them in hot water (normal tap hot), with a good dose of a biodegradable soap that breaks up fat molecules and also sterilizes the plastic for about 10 minutes, and then give them a good brushing with something also clean. Good bacteria is the name of the game in cheese making. Let’s not give the bad ones any spot to hang on in our equipment or process.

Most of these baskets are not dishwasher safe.  Bacteria are part of the cheesemaking process, and the small slats in the basket can accumulate trace amounts if not


This is one of many well made plastic draining baskets that you can find on the market. Any good one will do. It gets my Choicestuff One Diamond for being one of those niche products that is nice to have, and being well enough made, and easily available. if you make a larger batch for parties or you make a lot of dishes with ricotta, you’ll probably want two.