Silica Gel Desiccant Packs (Indicating)


Dry & Dry’s premium dessicant packs are FDA food safe approved. A great way to extend the shelf life of every one of your dry goods, from spices to flours, and more!

10 Gram [30 Packs] 

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Product Description

The Cook’s Tour

A lot of foods, from flours, to sugars, grains, spices, and cooking powders, don’t do well with moisture. If you live in a humid environment, especially, the raw materials essential to your cooking can age, and go bad much more quickly.  Even when we open up containers for a few seconds in a hot, steamy kitchen, we can decrease the shelf-life of foods.

Desiccant packs are an easy, non-toxic way of keeping your dry goods dry.


The breathable packs are loaded with silica gel beads. You don’t open the packets. The orange dots turn green as the packs absorb, indicating that they’ve absorbed as much moisture as they can, and that they’re ready to be changed.

Just drop them into the container, and keep them at the top of the pile, after using the stuff inside, and they’ll wick the moisture out of the air that gets captured in the container when you close the lid!


Desiccants are desiccants, as long as they’re labeled as “Food Safe.” You can save a buck, and get the non-indicating kind, but then it’s up to you to eyeball them, and figure out if they’re fat enough to need changing.  These are a good quantity, size, and price. They get my Choicestuff Single Diamond nod.


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